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Poetry is Dead: Secret Identities.

I stepped outside of my managing editor role at Poetry is Dead to guest-edit Issue 13, “Secret Identities.” It combines two of my favourite things — prose-poetry and super-heroes. The prose-poem is a hybrid, a fusion, but so is the super-hero: as likely to involve dinosaurs, cyborgs, aliens, magic and thunder gods as they are to include… Read More

Can’t Lit

To celebrate and promote the upcoming Issue 13 of Poetry is Dead — The “Secret Identities” issue that I guest-edited, focusing on super-heroes and prose-poetry — I appeared in the April edition of the Can’t Lit podcast, with my buds Daniel Zomparelli and Dina Del Bucchio. We talk about super-heroes and prose-poetry, Beyonce and Star… Read More

Story available!

One of my short stories–Superheart–is available on Lemon Hound as of today. Superheart is the opening section of my manuscript, Strawberry World, and it’s the first excerpt from the book to be published. It feels like a tremendous victory for me, simply because I’ve been working so hard to find an agent for the book and… Read More