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Review: The Logistics of Fungal Time Manipulation

Seconds–Bryan Lee O’Malley’s follow-up to the seminal Scott Pilgrim books–has been out for a few weeks now, almost a month. I was in the middle of the busy season for my job and intended to hold off on reading it until after the Big Day, as a kind of reward for surviving. That didn’t really happen, though,… Read More


Tonight, I’ll be reading at the Toast Collective in Vancouver with literary dreamboat Kim Fu to help launch Canoodlers, the debut book of poetry by our dear friend and literary heavyweight andrea bennett.

Review: Meeting the Devil in the old barn.

Sometimes–particularly when you have as many of them as I do–books can sit on your shelf for years. Or end up wedged in piles. I pile books (and comics and magazines and paperwork and important documents and mail) in precarious towers, pulpy inukshuks signifying–well, absent-mindedness, usually. Later, in the midst of other things, you happen… Read More