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One of my short stories–Superheart–is available on Lemon Hound as of today. Superheart is the opening section of my manuscript, Strawberry World, and it’s the first excerpt from the book to be published. It feels like a tremendous victory for me, simply because I’ve been working so hard to find an agent for the book and having a section published feels like a really positive step. Here’s part of the opening:

This is about saving the world.  Steel Fury leans forward in the passenger seat of the Foxcar, stainless steel helmet knocking against the windshield, Foxboy grinding his teeth behind the wheel, suspension so terrible you really feel it when the Foxcar hits a crack in the pavement, or a pile of trash, or a dip in the road, one of hundreds left over by the earthquake.  They drive on through the Dead Zone, the ruins of suburbia, houses disappearing into soft earth.  Strip malls with smashed signs venting neon, like crushed caterpillars.  Nobody ever came to fix anything.  Steel Fury crosses her arms under her red cape and shouts at Foxboy to keep going, it’s getting away.  They’re trying to keep pace with their enemy: the Superheart blimp, making its nightly journey across the Zone and into the city, spreading the message of Superheart.

You hear it before it arrives: the tinny beat of the theme song.  The smell of lemon gobstoppers, scientifically proven to be the aroma of love on the go.  A vast pink hot-air balloon, heart-shaped and voluptuous, spewing purple promotional gas as it goes; gas that will linger as a pale haze until this time tomorrow.  Under her helmet, Steel Fury’s nose runs.  Her eyes water.  She can feel Foxboy looking at her.  The curtains of smoke tug, make you crave, stir up urges.  Take a sip, they say.  Feel loved.  Take your beloved by the hand, to the fridge, the vending machine, to the supermarket.  Open cans of Superheart and make a toast.  To love.

Go have a read, and let me know what you think.

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