Floodlit Avenues and Silver Cars.

Dean Motter is best-known for his sprawling epic Mister X, originally published by Vortex in the distant 1980s–a collaboration with a number of important indie artists, the story of an architect working to save the soul of his city after his designs are tampered with in order to drive the city’s inhabitants insane. But I… Read More

Review: HANNIBAL, “Coquilles.”

The fifth episode of Hannibal–the fourth hasn’t aired, was pulled prior to broadcast because of the Boston bombing–continues the trend that began with “Potage” by treating “police procedural” genre as a skin suit that can be worn or pulled away as needed. Now, while “Potage” turned away from the killer-of-the-week format to delve into Abigail… Read More

Review: HANNIBAL, “Potage.”

The third episode of Hannibal is a relief, letting go of the “case-of-the-week” format; we are formally introduced to Abigail Hobbs (played by Kacey Rohl). Abigail is daughter and only survivor of Garrett Jacob Hobbs, the serial killer from the pilot. After her father tried to kill her–and killed his wife–Abigail has been in a… Read More