Review: Meeting the Devil in the old barn.

Sometimes–particularly when you have as many of them as I do–books can sit on your shelf for years. Or end up wedged in piles. I pile books (and comics and magazines and paperwork and important documents and mail) in precarious towers, pulpy inukshuks signifying–well, absent-mindedness, usually. Later, in the midst of other things, you happen… Read More

Review: All My T-Shirts Give Me Super-Powers.

Eventually, the child must prove themselves capable, they must become adults–even if they are still small, still growing, still uncertain. Most adults are uncertain, facing armies of monsters with only sketchy information, circumstantial evidence. Everything is a rite of passage. The first volume of Paul Pope’s graphic novel series, Battling Boy, is concerned with the… Read More

The Future is Never Transgressive Enough.

I’ve been trying—over and over—to approach the question of “What the hell is wrong with DC Comics?” for a while now and it’s been a process of me hitting my head against a wall over and over.  A minor footnote in the larger conversation of DC’s madness is that they recently cancelled Legion of Super-Heroes,… Read More