I keep meaning to write about the poetry wars. Or the #poetrywars. Or– Driven, today, inspired by something Jon Paul Fiorentino wrote about sexism in the literary community that spawned from Twitter debate and aggression, and resulted in threats being fired at him privately. Once upon a time, the great feuds in poetry (and there… Read More

Review: HANNIBAL, “Amuse-Bouche.”

It is hard to remember that they aren’t actually looking for Hannibal Lecter yet. Or rather, that the majority of the killings we’re directly privy to are not Lecter’s handiwork, particularly when they have some kind of vaguely culinary bent to them. There’s a lot that I can talk about in relation to the second… Read More

Review: HANNIBAL, “Apéritif.”

It’s a bit like watching Fire Walk With Me. Prequels are a strange breed, but when done well–in particular with thrillers–a prequel can incite a gnawing discomfort, watching events play out with a certain inevitability. You might know the broad strokes but rarely the details. That was my experience watching “Apéritif,” the pilot episode for… Read More